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RichWell was founded by two friends, Kat and Tanya (aka KT) who share a common passion in Cannabis for wellness. Our long history of human use with Cannabis, almost dating back to 500 B.C. has found most ancient cultures incorporating Cannabis plants into their self-care routine to achieve wholesome wellness through a natural, holistic approach. Cannabis and the information we know about it today is constantly evolving, making it difficult at times to decipher the products that work best for you. We cultivated RichWell with a passionate responsibility to provide products that are made with all natural ingredients, are eco-conscious, and help to combat the stigma that still surrounds Cannabis today. We curated specific Cannabis blends of prerolls with select terpene profiles to help energize you, relax you, recover you, and help you catch up on Zzz's (sleep). ​ Our Cannabis products can be paired together and be incorporated into your self-care routine to help you reach your wellness goals. Because when you are rich in wellness, you do well and you live well.
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